Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Choosing between evils...

"Life often presents us with a choice of evils rather than of goods."
- Charles Celeb Colton

I was looking through quotes today, and that one kind of struck a nerve somewhere within me. It nicely sums up how i feel about my choices in our political climate today. So I got to thinking more, and I started wondering how exactly I make my choice for who I will vote for in an election. I've come up with three criteria that I really use to make my choice.

Those criteria are The Leader(the ability of the leader to charm me to his vision and my judgement in his/her capability to run canada) , The Party(The parties vision for Canada), and The Man(The candidate's integrity in my riding). For each political party I look at each of those criteria and they can either repulse me or attract me to their party. Going on how I feel today and using a scale of -5(completely repulsed) to +5(completely attracted). Any one of those criteria can make me vote for or against if my reaction to them becomes strong enough.

So here's how I currently feel about things:

The Leader = +1
The Party = -2
The Man = 0
Overall = -1

The Liberals
The Leader = 0
The Party = 0
The Man = 0
Overall = 0

The Conservatives
The Leader = -4
The Party = -1
The Man = -5
Overall = -9

So as it stands now, I'll be voting Liberal if there was an election today.

Of course while the Conservatives seem really down in the dumps for me, you ought to realize that I live in good ole Gurmant's riding. So get rid of Gurmant and Harper, and by god we'll have a horserace in my mind. :)


Thursday, June 23, 2005

Heh... Burn.

Well... Bill C-48 just passed.

Conservatives just got burned. Don't cry about it. Don't blame anyone else. You got caught napping. You got caught with your pants down.

Sure it was an underhanded little trick, but it should of been a forseeable underanded little trick. You're strategists let you down.

The Liberals straight outplayed you Politically.